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7 Must Have Features for Every Anti-Spyware Program
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Which anti-spyware software should you buy? Look for software that has all or most of the following features:

  Offers real-time protection

In addition to cleaning an already infected PC, it should protect you from getting a spyware infection in the first place. The anti-spyware software should run constantly, watch all your computing activity, and block spyware from ever installing itself on your PC.

  Blocks home page hijackers

It should warn you when a program tries to change your home page. Keep in mind that most anti-spyware software will only stop spyware from hijacking your Internet Explorer home page, not other browsers. On the other hand, most home page hijackers target only Internet Explorer.

  Eradicates pests

Anti-spyware software should kill pests, not just detect them.

  Detects and Eliminates Trojans and keyloggers

The line between spyware and other pests is often blurry. Trojans and keyloggers, in particular, act like spyware at times. And Trojans can also download spyware to your system. Look for anti-spyware software that targets both Trojans and keyloggers.

  Automatically downloads updates

New malware is being released all the time. Your anti-spyware software should automatically download new spyware definitions to detect and eliminate the latest threats.

  Offers scheduled scanning

You can easily forget to scan your system for spyware. Your software should include the ability to schedule scans.

  Blocks BHO scanning

Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), which are Internet Explorer add-ins, are often spyware. Your anti-spyware software should block and kill BHOs. Not all anti-spyware programs – even very good ones – do this yet.

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