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Beware of Spyware Masquerading as Anti-Spyware Software
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In one of the crueler twists in the fight against spyware, you may unwittingly install spyware masquerading as anti-spyware software.

According to the Symantec Security Response site, Spy Assault Scanner claims to be a spyware scanner, but, in fact, it installs a piece of spyware called Favouriteman. And Spyban, which claims to be a spyware killer, also installs spyware, according to CNET and the Symantec Security Response site.

In one high profile case, the federal government took action against those who sell spyware that claims to be anti-spyware software. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against the infamous “Spam King” because of his massive spamming actions. According to the FTC, the Spam King installed spyware on people’s computers and then sold those people programs designed to kill the spyware. But the software failed to remove the spyware.

How can you tell a legitimate piece of anti-spyware from a phony one? Any of the anti-spyware mentioned here is legitimate. Read the reviews on popular download sites and make sure other people are happy with the software also.

I recommend using two or three anti-spyware programs. Use Spybot Search and Destroy (free) an Ad-Aware (free) and Systweak Anti-Spyware for only $3. These programs in combination will give you a complete solution.

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