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How To Fix a Browser Hijack
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One of the infections you’ll have a great difficulty removing is a category of spyware called browser hijackers. A browser hijacker is a kind of malware that takes over your Internet Explorer home page and switches it to another web page. (A home page, or start page, is the website that loads when a browser is first opened.) IF you try to reset the home page, the browser hijack switches it back the next time you start your computer or open Internet Explorer again.

Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware, and Microsoft AntiSpyware all have capabilities to cleanse some browser hijackers, but they are not always successful. I highly recommend you try running SysTweak AntiSpyware which will help you manage your Internet Explorer settings and prevent Browser Hijack. Fixing a browser hijack problem can be an extremely difficult task and you’ll likely want to recruit some help.

Browser hijackers are very clever at making themselves difficult to remove. They insert themselves in obscure places deep inside your operating system and cling to your computer like a loving dog on your leg.

Try restarting in Safe Mode before trying to remove difficult spyware. Safe mode causes Windows to start using only its most basic components (mouse, monitor, and keyboard drivers). When in Safe Mode, Windows doesn’t load a bevy of other drivers, startup applications, and the like, meaning any spyware lurking on your computer will be peacefully snoozing when you take the wood stake to it.

Think of Safe Mode as Windows Unplugged. Its still Windows, just without all the frills. Here, you are better able to remove Browser Hijackers, reboot your computer in Normal mode and enjoy your spyware-free computer.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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