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Keeping Safe With a Firewall
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The Internet was designed to be as open a network as possible – to allow free communications between computers. That openness is the reason that the Internet has become so popular.

But that openness is also the reason that the Internet has become a potentially dangerous place. Hackers and other unpleasant folks exploit the openness and attack your computer in various ways.

That’s where firewalls come in. They block hackers and others from doing evil deeds to your computer, while still letting you access the Internet in the ways that you’d like to.

Despite its name, a firewall doesn’t have to be a physical object. It can be a piece of software designed to stop intruders from getting into your system. There are many different kinds of firewalls. Some are used by businesses, others by individuals.

Why You Need a Firewall

Everyone who is worried that their PC could be invaded by hackers and snoopers can use a personal firewall. But for cable modem users and DSL Modem users, its especially important – far more important than if you still dial into the Internet using a regular modem.

These days, Windows provides a firewall preinstalled in XP and Vista for added security. Make sure you have your firewall enabled and turned on all the time. You can also buy a firewall separately or within another program. Norton AntiVirus provides a firewall, but this one can sometimes block those places where you actually want to visit. Regardless, it is important to have a reliable firewall installed, turned on, and configured properly for your usage.

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