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Protecting Yourself from Trojans Part II
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  • They can give someone complete control over your PC. Some Trojans, usually called backdoors, will let someone issue commands, create and delete files, and run programs. He can do virtually anything he wants on your PC, as if he were seated at the keyboard.
  • They can automatically download other malware. These Trojans, often called downloaders, will download a variety of different malware to your computer, such as spyware.
  • They can disable your anti-virus, firewall, and security software, stop your anti-virus software from downloading new virus definitions, and block your access to security web sites to escape detection.
  • They can steal your passwords, credit card information, and other personal data, and then mail the information to an intruder on the Internet.
  • They can let someone issue remote commands to your computer and use it as a launching pad for attacking websites or networks.

Many Trojans are hard to detect because they often leave few, if any, visible traces of themselves. However, if an unknown program tries to connect to the Internet from your PC, you’re infected. Other signs include unexplained files and programs on your system, and software that appears to run by itself. And if you have other pests on your system, a Trojan may be responsible for your problems.


Scan your system with anti-spyware software and kill the infection.

  Prevention and Monitoring

Run anti-spyware and anti-virus software regularly, constantly retrieving new updates of definitions. Also make sure you have real-time protection and monitoring through an application like Systweak Anti-spyware. This will prevent further attacks from sneaking through.

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