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We hear a lot about spyware, adware, and Trojans, but what do they really do to us? We’ll discuss what each threat is and how to protect your computer from spyware.

  What is Spyware?

Spyware is an application that was either downloaded or installed through Internet surfing, new software installations, or email. Unlike a virus, spyware does not spread through your computer, and destroy everything in its place. Rather it tracks and monitors your every move. It transmits this information back to other people or websites. It gets its name because it is spying on you, stealing your information, reading what you type and monitoring which Internet sites you visit without your knowledge.

The reason spyware became such a problem is twofold – privacy and draining system resources. Spyware is running 24 hours a day in the background on your computer without you even knowing its there. But you may notice the toll it takes on your system. So its important to protect your computer and your private information from spyware.

  What is Adware?

Adware is very similar to spyware, but instead of spying on your vital information, adware is more interested in your buying habits, which websites you like to visit and click on, so it can tell the parent software installed on your computer which ads to pop up. The whole point of adware is to track your hobbies and interests so it can sell related products and services to you. This is annoying and drains system resources as well. No one wants to have their own surfing habits to bring them more unwanted commercials and ads.

  What are Trojans?

A Trojan is a program that is represented to do one thing, but really does something else. The creator may tell you it’s a screensaver, but it may actually be a malicious program that runs other programs or scripts. It can leave a system open to attack by a work or virus or simply run toolbars and applets you never knew you installed.

The best way to protect your computer from spyware and other threats is to use Systweak Antispyware, a free trial downloadable software program that scans and cleans your computer, and removes unwanted malware.

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