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Imagine this scenario: You recline on your couch and put a movie in your DVD player. The movie has just started, and you receive a phone call asking if you would like to change your long-distance provider. You decline and return to your movie. Ten minutes later, you receive a call asking if you would like to apply for a new credit card. Sound familiar? I thought so. We are so bombarded with advertisements that they interrupt the things we want to do/ Surfing the Internet is no exception.

Have you had the experience of trying to surf the Internet, but you keep seeing these pop-up windows advertising all kinds of junk? Or, have you set your home page in Internet Explorer only to find that it gets changed to something else every time you open IE? If so, you are the victim of little programs called adware or spyware. These programs downloaded to your computer without your knowledge, and they run a routine that brings junk from the Internet to you, or worse, they spy on what you are doing on the Internet and report the information back to someone in cyberland.

This headache is very common, and to get rid of adware or spyware, you’ll need a third-party utility that can hunt down and delete them from your computer. While almost any free program can scan our computer and possibly remove the junk from your system, you’ll need something with real-time monitoring to watch your computer at all times to make sure you’re not getting any new adware.

For this, you should use SysTweak AntiSpyware. It scans, cleans, and monitors real time 24 hours a day. A free trial download is available and if you wish to buy after that, its only $3!

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