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  • What does this library contain?

    Spyware library contains detailed information about thousands of spyware such as its name with aliases, how it enters the computer system, which area it attacks, what are its possible fallouts etc.

  • What is a spyware?

    Spyware is a misleading application that is usually installed as hidden component of software without user’s knowledge or consent. It keeps a close watch on the user's activities. It normally uses internet connection to gain access to the computer system. Some organizations advertise their products by checking the user's browsing habits through these spyware and almost forcing them to their website. Some people create the spyware software just to disturb the user by transmitting e-mails.

  • How do I know about the existence of any spyware in my system?

    You may observe number of advertisements popping up on your screen. Your homepage may get hijacked or the search results get re-directed to unknown websites. The Favorites list gets filled up with links to porn or gambling websites. These types of activities lead to strong possibility of the presence of spyware.

  • How do these spyware enter into the system?

    These programs usually get installed during the net surfing or downloading of freeware/shareware programs from the internet. The user does not even get a hint about their entry. Advertising companies pay program developers to put these types of programs into their applications so that they can exploit the user’s information gathered.

  • What type of information they gather?

    They store all the working being done on the system with specific emphasis on personal information, Credit Card details, contact details in the address book, passwords being used or the interests the user has got and the details of websites being visited. The information gets retrieved later by some unknown program, which is being controlled by their mentors. Thus, they are able to identify their prospective customers. Their activities are monitored for the next targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Do these provide immediate threat?

    These spyware and other malicious software may not pose immediate threat but nothing can be predicted on their behavior.

  • How many types of spyware are there?

    Number of spyware is in existence but they have been categorized on their behavior. Some of them have been described below:

    • Adware

      Adware is a program, which goes beyond the reasonable advertising that one may expect from any freeware or shareware programs. Adware often generates advertising even when the user is not running the original program. Adware program can present itself as a pop-up webpage, an unwanted toolbar or annoying pop-up ad on your computer screen, while you are surfing internet.

    • Key Loggers

      This type of program works in the background. They spy on everything you do on your computer. Key Loggers record everything typed including emails, instant messages, chats and website addresses. They save them into built-in flash memory and send them later to the controller of the programs. When this type of program is running on your system, you will not notice any change in system behavior, while in the background, the important and confidential data that is being typed and is getting transferred to someone else.

    • Browser Hijackers

      Browser Hijackers are tools that forcibly change your browser settings, often hijacking your Start and Search page settings to send you instead to a preferred site of the hacker. The changes are made in such a way that it is impossible to change the settings back to your own preferences - the hijacker steals them back the next time you restart your computer. These settings are usually hidden in the system registry, in files in obscure locations on your hard drive, making it extremely difficult to correct manually.

    • Malware

      Malware is the common name for malicious spyware programs. These programs are designed specifically to damage or aggravate any problem such as a virus or a Trojan horse. It is often hidden in downloaded programs or is triggered by visiting websites.

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