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Adtool.MyWebSearch Analysis Report
Threat Submitted On: 10 Nov 2008
Threat Analysed On: 11 Nov 2008
Threat Updated On: 11 Sept 2009
Type : Adtool
Symptoms of snanet
  • Fetches the information related to the user-activities.
  • Records keystrokes, websites visited, clipboard etc. and takes the snapshots.
  • Sends the recorded information to the attacker.
Alias : [Not Available]
Md5 Hash : [759c7496bf15c74bdf99d5da32cdfde7]
File Size : (585728 bytes)

Technical Details

Here are the Technical findings of our analysis team after analyzing this malware in detail :-

Creates the following infected Files on user's System
Delete the following Files to remove Infection
File: dslmon.exe
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :073a2d22093e0cb8340c34941cc647cd ( 65536 bytes)
File: mshctl.dll
Path : %windir%\system32

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Collapse Md5Hash :Md5Hash :
3da4f68e90a26116f8ff710174318d3a ( 7 bytes)
a872e923730f4b3ed4d1b6a37647b949 ( 7 bytes)
d9d25e1c4010370de76268f0dc28d343 ( 7 bytes)
File: mshdebug.dll
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :8f370da0dea1c108f2d5265d4099caf1 ( 179 bytes)
File: mshtmlb.dll
Path : %windir%\system32

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Collapse Md5Hash :Md5Hash :
26326001e312e62816f1dd4472f0cb91 ( 37 bytes)
cc4249b02108a9fd602e761757cb9e48 ( 37 bytes)
e0dcfcc0423d3cb053d90e6336c80938 ( 37 bytes)
fe4161c0bec6abdf14b8c7b00e3a8c83 ( 37 bytes)
File: msipctl.dll
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :ad8f534ea726ddec58a390dee334362f ( 16 bytes)
File: sisshell.dll
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :b3fe9d1fef52ac1632c7f303a678c3dc ( 31 bytes)
File: svcshot.exe
Path : %windir%\system32

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Collapse Md5Hash :Md5Hash :
04c029602a1f71693a3782e724d9ee4b ( 24576 bytes)
dbb40cbb4c2d80b30e2135cd7cd2c2bc ( 24576 bytes)
f7c02af0815ff65aec43c6c6839998ee ( 24576 bytes)
fe708b537fa545317c99327e009b0a28 ( 24576 bytes)
File: [randomname].exe
Path : %workingdir%

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Collapse Md5Hash :Md5Hash :
69ff304dc3ac36fa5e0f918496029680 ( 585728 bytes)
759c7496bf15c74bdf99d5da32cdfde7 ( 585728 bytes)
7ba30b06158dc964bd28348513bf41b6 ( 585728 bytes)
887c59a67bc307b47c4fcb6fee9ee448 ( 585728 bytes)
Also creates the following files on user's System which are also created by Genuine Software :-
These file(s) can be kept as they are also created by genuine Software.
File : acm.srv
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :81051bcc2cf1bedf378224b0a93e2877 ( 2 bytes)
File : aea.srv
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :81051bcc2cf1bedf378224b0a93e2877 ( 2 bytes)
File : ahc.srv
Path : %windir%\system32

Md5Hash :81051bcc2cf1bedf378224b0a93e2877 ( 2 bytes)
The following Registry Values are added to the provided Registry Keys :-
Delete the added Values from the Key to remove Infection
|__ Value Added :
menara fast 800-840 = "%windir%\system32\svcshot.exe"
Creates the following child process(s) on execution:




Creates the Following MUTEX(s) on user's System:-
Tries To Connect's to the following IP Address(s) through UDP(User DataGram Protocal) :-


1. %windir% Refers to the windows root folder. By default it is 'C:\Windows'
2. %workingdir% Refers to the current directory in which user is working.

Important: We strongly recommend that you backup the Registry before making any changes to it. Incorrect changes to the Registry can result in permanent data loss or corrupted Files. Modify the malicious\suspicious Subkeys only.

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To modify registry entries in Windows Operating System:
Follow Steps:
1. Click Start > Run
2. Type “regedit” : to open registry editor
3. Navigate to required registry Key from the Left Tree control and modify accordingly.

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